About Us

Embedded Solutions LTD is a leading provider of engineering design services delivering complete realtime embedded systems for OEMs. We specialize in Embedded Linux and Windows CEtm customization. For both operating systems we are providing consulting services starting at the very early stage of project inception. We are taking active part in choosing architecture and operating system targeting our partners goals in terms of functionality, cost, risks assessment and reduction, time to market, development tools, performance, reliability, scalability, production, service and maintenance, diagnostics and special requirements. Our partners' designs benefits from our experience in many areas resulting shorter design and development time, lower total cost of development, lower risk and most important, a satisfied customer.


We offer a complete turnkey solution that includes all hardware and software development. Your requirements document is all we need in order to provide working samples. The hardware development is done by our partners, and we take full responsibility for the entire system including hardware and software integration at all levels.